The JunkGirls Nonprofit

After 13+ years of building The JunkGirls into a brand we are very proud of, we are excited to announce the launch of a new branch of the company: The JunkGirls' Nonprofit. Our focus is on Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning, which is something near and dear to our hearts. As many of you may know, Jenny had a difficult childhood and as a little girl, when things were scary, she would hide in the creek behind her house, searching for treasures like a special rock, rusted metal, beautiful leaf and then save them in little boxes, which she would use to create with.

As an adult, she was forced to deal with her debilitating anxiety and depression and was very fortunate to find a gifted & safe therapist who helped put her back together again, using many methods, including Art Therapy. When she was asked what art medium she wanted to use, nothing appealed to her except for her fondness of found & vintage objects, so she thought Assemblage Art might be a good start. Working with her therapist, she found a safe way to see the good in something damaged, old and common and view it in a different way, giving it new life as something unique, beautiful and valued.

The JunkGirls began in 2009 from the spirit of that little girl with her box of treasures and it is our goal to always keep that legacy alive in what we do, what we say and how we give.

Our Nonprofit’s mission & vision is to work with children and adults to promote creative expression and social-emotional growth, using recycled materials to foster creativity, imagination, self-expression, the joy of making, and community connections.

These experiences can lead to better mental health, career pathways, entrepreneurship, and increased appreciation for, and understanding of, the arts.

Our Fiscal Sponsor is Independent Arts & Media, who's mission is to steward and empower independent art and media projects that foster community and civic participation, and facilitate cultural engagement and free expression. It's a perfect fit and together we can make a difference!

Thank you for your support! 

 XO Jenny & Melissa