Come See Us In Person!

The JunkGirls Retail Store is located at 870 Monterey Street in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo, CA. Our space was built over 100 years ago by David Muzio and was home to Muzio's Market and Deli for decades. During the building's recent retrofit, the Architect carefully kept much of the originality, to include the wood floors (with the awesome marks, stains and creaks!), the shelving with the dings and dents from many years of stocking them, the original front door with the old windows and glass, the black awning with the old crank. And, we even have the original 20 ft long David Muzio Sign proudly displayed!

The store is a mix of ever-changing finds – from Jenny K’s art, lighting & furniture, to Melissa’s Metal Stamping to all the found objects & antiques and arting supplies. It’s always an experience and an adventure.

Here's what our space looked like back in the early 1900's